Preparation of Tournament 6

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Preparation of Tournament 6

Post by lagavulin » Mon Jan 13, 2003 9:32 am

Some informations about our next tournament :

1 ) Length of the tournament will be 8 weeks ( or 2 full months according to exact dates, we'll see that soon ).

2 ) We'll use ALPHAMAME ( unless someone finds in the following days something really negative about playing a tournament with that version ). This version will allow us to have a large choice to choose our games. I know that mame62 is slower than mame35, so we'll just have to avoid too "heavy" games ... Please think to that when you'll vote. Debate period will also give us the opportunity to refuse a game that could be impossible to play with a slow computer.

Now, we can have the voting period : please go to the "TOURNAMENT 6 - TIME TO VOTE FOR GAMES" thread.

Thanks for your attention.
2003 MARP Tournament Coordinator.

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