general tipps, which can affect record/playback

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general tipps, which can affect record/playback

Post by Tuncay » Fri Mar 20, 2009 7:18 am

I am searching for general tipps, which can affect record/playback with WolfMame 0.130 (command line). But no game or driver specific issues. Of course, it should be played by same version of emulator and romset. Ideally, it can be handled by script/batch file automatically. Here is a list of what I got:

Allways use default bios file:
  • -bios default
At every record and playback time, these folders are set to new fresh temporary folders without content, to have things consistent:
  • -cfg_directory (game configurations of mame)
  • -nvram_directory (game internal configurations)
  • -memcard_directory (saving functionality on neo geo)
  • -diff_directory (contains hard disk changes of chd files at playtime)
Here are some settings, which should make the record less machine dependent:
  • -frameskip 0 (process all frames)
  • -noautoframeskip (don`t drop automatically any frame)
  • -nosamples (external sound files)
Sounds in general (not samples) should not be problematic, but on some games.

I am not sure, if the next settings affect record and playback of input file, but are set allways:
  • -nouse_bezels
  • -nouse_overlays
  • -nouse_backdrops
  • -noartwork_crop
  • -skip_gameinfo
  • -speed 1.0

These settings are done, to help avoid cheating, but may be not required:
  • -noautosave
  • -nocheat
  • -state_directory tempfolder
If you have any more ideas, please write here.

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