raystorm, sfrush, lethalenj: not working inps by saulonpb

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raystorm, sfrush, lethalenj: not working inps by saulonpb

Post by PP. » Sun May 28, 2017 10:23 pm

Three entries in which we see no recorded game.

- Ray Storm (Ver 2.06A), rom "raystorm".
In raystormo there is already a zeroed score for Saulon because of low speed. Raystorm is again 88%, plus that playback does not exist... Only some lines.
http://replay.marpirc.net/inp/d/3/f/snp ... olf140.zip

- San Francisco Rush (boot rom L 1.0), rom "sfrush".
In this entry a mod wrote "Much less success on this chd title than calspeed, this goes out of sync immediatley after credit is started, both nvram and no nvram playback fail dramatically, you may need to delete the diff/sfrush.diff file as well before recording".
So this inp is out of sync and I wonder why you keep it there so many years... You deleted immediately my out of sync inps of those "miss world" games.
http://replay.marpirc.net/inp/3/7/c/snp ... olf142.zip

- Lethal Enforcers (ver JAD, 12/04/92 17:16), rom "lethalenj".
We already talked for this in another thread. The score of 21000 is not possible, plus that playback is not working.
http://replay.marpirc.net/inp/1/b/f/snp ... olf142.zip

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