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Post by Chad » Sat Apr 06, 2002 12:45 pm

http://marp.retrogames.com/inp/rsm_kof2 ... _win59.zip

this is strange, at first i wasnt able to playback this thing at all, but i thought i'd give it a try again and i was able to play it back to 340, twice in a row even, but after that i can't play it back, as far as i know i didn't change anything, hiscore.dat is removed, nvram and cfg files are removed before playback. I played it back succesfully to 340 once with toggling between throttle and fs11 and fs0, so it appears fs0 has nothing to do with it...

if you do get this to playback, please play another mame game or another inp, and then try to playback this recording again, to see if your playbackability is consistant.

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Post by gameboy9 » Sat Apr 06, 2002 9:19 pm

Is KOF2000 a mega drive game?

If so, you're down the terms of Battle Flipshot, Last Blade 2 and the Breakers games - non-playbackable except when you're lucky with the rand function...
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