dangseed and win36

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dangseed and win36

Post by Chad » Tue Apr 23, 2002 11:57 pm

This isn't really a playbackability more so a mame stability issue. I have no question that others (barry) are able to playback this recording with nvram (going aginst the rules of course)

http://marp.retrogames.com/inp/mai_dang ... _win36.zip

even though i can't play it back with dos36 (doesn't get passed the credit button), BUT the thing is, when i try to run win36 with this recording both of my mame computers (amd and intel variants) freeze. I can understand my new computer freezing since it's been a pain to get any stability out of. But I copied it to my old stand by mame P2 machine and win36 still crashes win98.

Does anyone have this same problem with this recording? can anyone play this back with something other than win36? xmame barry?

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Post by mahlemiut » Wed Apr 24, 2002 3:45 am

Yeah, I seem to remember playing that one back with default NVRAM. (using MAME32 0.36). Guess I forgot to edit that description. :oops:
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