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What to chose from list

Post by Sasa » Tue Oct 30, 2001 12:30 pm

Okay when i submit inp file i need to chose what mame im using ,
there is a list but i'm confused :
dmame/mame0.55 is this dosmame and winmame(now primary port as of b16?i think)
and mame32 is that mame which is now a frontend basicly?


or is mame32 mame.exe for windows (primary port)
and dmame/mame is just a dos mame


In other words what do i choose when i play with mame.exe .



Post by Chad » Wed Oct 31, 2001 12:30 pm

for a long time mame.exe was the dos mame, ever since mame54,
mame.exe is the windows mame or mamew or wmame. You have chosen the
right mame if you are using the "default" mame.exe from the official
mame site. dmame.exe although may playback differently from
recordings made with mame.exe is also the same setting (this may
change). mame32 is the mame with the windows front end built in, and
it has it's own selection for submiting. If you use any other mame or
macmame or xmame you should choose the "Other MAMEvXX" selection.


There are a number of games that require the exact platform mame to
playback so we may add more mame selections if these problems become
too many. It is always very good to put in the description exact
platform/setting comments in the description when you upload like you
have done so playbacks can be made easier. thanks!