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Sasa Gmitrovic

What happens now?

Post by Sasa Gmitrovic » Sun Nov 04, 2001 12:30 pm

Since im new here can someone explain what happens when new beta comes out? I see that database is updated , but heres what i want to know:
in this beta ddtod became a clone and is now ddtodu (US version)
and new parent is ddtod (euro version) . But recordings for ddtod (euro) are still those from US version. So if someone doesnt know all this he can never play back them. Also if US version is easier then euro it is possible that noone can beat those scores. So what happens with those recordings? Also what happens when roms get changed or when
default dip settings get changed ? Sometimes devs change default lives
setting from 5 to 3 or something like that , so earlier recording with
5 lives is unlikely to be beaten with 3 lives.



Post by Chad » Sun Nov 04, 2001 12:30 pm

The correct procedure which will happen sometime is to move the ddtod
recordings to the ddtodu game. and those who try to play these back
will have to "figure out" that this is a game that has changed names.
however this isn't so bad because as long as old recordings are set
with the CORRECT VERSION, the playbacker (or playback script) can look
at the filename of the recording (ala xyz_ddtod_100_mame55.zip) and
playback the ddtodu recording with the right game name.


I Stress the word CORRECT because sometimes pull the trigger quickly
on new beta games when marp doesn't have the new mame version in the
submit menu, and upload them as mame55 games when they are mame56
games, this screws up scripts that playback games since they will try
to play a mame56 game with a mame55. Unfortunatley there is a bug in
marp that doesn't change the filename when you change the mameversion
later after the recording has been upload, so the moral is Please
don't upload recordings unless marp has the new mame beta version
selectable. (Even editors make this mistake, barry :)


Usually when dips are changed to be harder, the harder defaults are
used, and older easier dip recordings are removed, but this does
depend on the game and how many people have already uploaded scores
for the older easier setting. If the dip changes to be easier, the
harder "older" settings are used.