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Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2004 9:55 pm
by zlk
This is just a reminder that there is only 1 month left to try for these bounties. I will be posting some new bounties for the year 2005 on January 2nd.

BBH did what he thought was impossible and killed scarface. This is a very impressive feat. I think it is possible to finish smashtv if you get enough extra men, but it will be really hard to do. It would also be extremely frustrating since the game is so random.

Total Carnage is probably impossible to complete on one credit.

I am surprised that no one has finished toobin yet. The game is not that hard.

I had hoped that some of the better Japanese players would try to make a donpachj inp. There are definitely players around that are capable of winning the $200. Maybe someone will make a good replay before January 1st.