ASW Memorial 2008

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ASW Memorial 2008

Post by RAX » Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:11 am

Italian team has pleasure in officially announcing the beginning of the second edition of ASW MEMORIAL, a contest to honour and remember our friend Sergio Tellini, who is no more between us.
He was a good man, and a good player, on MARP too. And he was good friend.
We thank sincerely all the gamers that will join this event.


The discussion takes place on Arcade Extreme board, so any result has to be sended there. Obviously you can upload it on MARP too, if you wish.
It’s allowed to use Wolfmame 106 only.
Replays (.inp+.wlf) must be zipped and attached in one post to send in the official topic dedicated to the game, here:
The zip file will be named with the following syntax: name of the player, name of the game, score, wolfmame 106
The score will be validated only if the speed won’t be lower than 90%
Scores can be freely uploaded between the beginning and ending date of each turn, of course only for the game played in that turn. So there is no 24/48 hours rule, but considering the spirit of the tournament, is recommended to send the scores soon afterwards you get them.
To join ASW MEMORIAL it's enough to send an inp before the end of the contest.


* HYPER SPORTS - [Konami 1984] (rom:

* SUPER VOLLEYBALL - [V.System 1989] (rom:

* TWIN COBRA 2 - [Taito 1995] (rom:

Any game will be played within following terms (based on the Italian hour, that is GMT+1):
1) Hyper Sports (January 12th, 00:00 - January 21th, 23:59)
2) Super Volleyball (January 22th, 00:00 - January 31th, 23:59)
3) Twin Cobra 2 (February 1st, 00:00 - February 10th, 23:59)

Arcade Extreme board date/time will be the official clock, anyway here is a reminder of the terms in GMT:
1) Hyper Sports (January 11th, 23:00 GMT - January 21th, 22:59 GMT)
2) Super Volleyball (January 21th, 23:00 GMT - January 31th, 22:59 GMT)
3) Twin Cobra 2 (January 31th, 23:00 GMT - February 10th, 22:59 GMT)

The score system in based on MotoGP: 25 pts for the first place, then 20 for the second, 16,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
There will be a scoreboard for anyone of the three games; winner of the contest will be the player with highest sum of pts.
It isn’t obligatory to play all games, you’ll enter the scoreboard also playing one game only.
Here the link for ASW MEMORIAL 2008

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