The DK3 $550 repetitive bluescreen bounty

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The DK3 $550 repetitive bluescreen bounty

Post by homerwannabee » Thu May 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Thanks to someone awesome the bounty is now up to $550 give or take a few dollars based on the exchange rate of that person's country. Thank big time Monstabonza!

Based on a suggestion I decided to post about this bounty on the MARP forums. 8)

OK, I am doing this for selfish reasons. I want to see someone hit the repetitive bluescreen besides myself. 8) Here is what I expect of this person in order to qualify for the bounty.

1) The first person to hit the repetitive bluescreen gets the prize. If someone does it after the first person, they get nothing.

2) In order to qualify a person has to hit board 160. This is where in Donkey Kong 3 the blue board repeats for the first time back to back. If you get to board 159, the first bluescreen it does not count.

3) The person has to stream themselves doing this live. I don't care if it's Twitch, Justin.Tv, Ustream or whatever. Just stream it live.

4) The person has to submit the score to MARP. If this is done on an Arcade, than I require that you save your video to whatever site you are streaming. So favorite it if you are on Twitch or

5) I am allowing this to be done on any settings(Meaning your can do it on Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard. It's your choice). So yes Easy/default settings(The easiest settings) are allowed.

6) This must be done by the end of this year.

7) Have to start out with 3 men plus an extra every 30,000 (That's default settings)

So what does the person get as a prize?

1. $500 (Thanks big time to Ken House, Ross Benziger, Danman123456, Eric Tessler, Monstabonza, and pretty cool anonymous donor for the bounty!) 8)
2. Walter Day's autograph on his Twin Galaxies card
3. My autograph on my Twin Galaxies card. From what I understand this card is still not put in any set, thus making it extremely hard card to get
4. A Twin Galaxies Arcade Token from back in the day.

I will pay shipping for this prize of course. Thanks for reading this, and hopefully this inspires you to go for the repetitive bluescreen! 8)

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