playback of mame replay files - any utilities out there?

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playback of mame replay files - any utilities out there?

Post by negative1 » Tue Oct 29, 2002 11:39 am

[*note: i'm reposting this from the playbackability forum *]

i've looked around,
and thought maybe somebody here knows..

are there any standalone tools?
or modified versions of mame that
are good for playback of replay files?

i watch a lot of replays, and study them,
and it is very time consuming..

it would be nice to:

1) export to .avi or .mpg , this feature was
in some earlier versions of mame, but i can't
get it to work

2) fast forward or backward at USER defined
rate (yes, i know about speed throttling)..

also have a user seek to point in playback,
(ie. the end or beginning, or anywhere
in between)..

3) pause, freeze-frame, and screen capture
(animation also)...[yes, i know you can
currently do that with f12, and p]

4) nice front-end or gui interface

does anyone have an idea about this,
where to look, which forums to ask,
or has someone started something
like this already?

i am a programmer, (c/vb) but have not
looked at the mame code yet..

thanks in advance...

i figure the board editors could use
something like this, perhaps..


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Post by mahlemiut » Tue Oct 29, 2002 2:10 pm

Well, there's always MARPFront :D

It still needs more work, but it's at least functional, and I use it myself.


Going backwards in an inp wouldn't be the easiest of things to implement. The easiest way would be to set a mark, and have it save the state at a defined point, and reload that when you want to go back. Going backwards frame by frame would not be likely to happen, ever.
- Barry Rodewald
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Post by MDenham » Wed Oct 30, 2002 3:33 am

mahlemiut wrote:Going backwards frame by frame would not be likely to happen, ever.
Yeah, wouldn't that require a conversion from a standard .INP to a series of frame-by-frame savestates?

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