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Golden Era Game of the Week 11/18/06: Eliminator

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 12:51 am
by Weehawk
Golden Era Game of the Week

See introduction here

The Game: Eliminator

romname: elim2

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Reward: $50 (usd)

Deadline for submission to MARP: November 24, 2006 2359 hours GMT

Further Bounty: none

More my type of game than most we do here. Wish I'd had time to play this one this week and seen if I could have made a respectable score.

Some info:

There are three different forms of Eliminator, but the premise is the same:

There is a large spherical rock known as the Eliminator. It floats around the
screen and sends out ships to destroy you. You attempt to destroy enemy ships
by forcing them into the Eliminator with your energy bolts. The Eliminator
can only be destroyed by firing a shot down a narrow tunnel to its core.
I believe the Eliminator was coined as "The Death Bagel" by John Grigsby.

Although the games between the three different types are the same, different
versions, thus different EPROMs, were necessary to handle the displaying of
scores for each of the different cabinets. The attract modes for each game
stayed the same as the upright version, which is kind of odd for the 4-player
version since the attract mode implies only two players.


Eliminator upright came in the standard Convert-a-cabinet.

The Eliminator upright board configuration is described here. It consists of:

1 - CPU board (EPROM 969, chip 315-0070)
2 - X-Y timing board
3 - X-Y control board
4 - Sound board "Meatball" or "Eliminator"
5 - EPROM board (EPROM numbers 1333-1345)

Controls consisted of 10 buttons: left1, right1, thrust1, fire1, left2, right2,
thrust2, fire2, 1P, 2P


The Eliminator cocktail is very different in hardware than it's upright or
4-player counterpart. For starters, the game has a different power supply
configuration. It has what appears to be a basic switching power supply, a
transformer, and a small board which looks to rectify some of the
voltages and/or support audio amplification. Also, it uses a 19" monitor, but
the chassis is different than the standard G08 chassis so that it could fit in
the cocktail. The weird thing is that it had adjustment knobs at the BOTTOM
of the chassis (so you could reach them) that looked similar to the screen and
focus knobs seen on the average Electrohome G07 monitor.

The Eliminator cocktail board configuration is described here. It consists of:

1 - CPU board (EPROM 969, chip 315-0070)
2 - X-Y timing board
3 - X-Y control board
4 - Sound board "Meatball" or "Eliminator"
5 - EPROM board (EPROM numbers 1200-1212)

Two control panels containing left, right, thrust, fire, with the 1P, 2P
buttons on the cabinet.


The four player version of Eliminator is a tall table top game where you stand
at each side of the monitor at a player control panel. It was not really a
Convert-a-Game per se, since no other games could be played out of its
cabinet and the game couldn't be played out of any other Sega/Gremlin cabinet
(without some serious hacking).

The four player consists of basically the same set up of the regular upright
except that it has an external I/O board to handle all the additional coin and
control inputs.

1 - CPU board (EPROM 1390, chip 315-0076)
2 - X-Y timing board
3 - X-Y control board
4 - Sound board "Meatball" or "Eliminator"
5 - EPROM board (EPROM numbers 1347-1360)

Controls consisted of 4 control panels, each with: left, right, thrust, fire

No player start buttons were needed. There was a coin door for each side of
the cabinet under each player's controls. The coin mechs have lockout coils,
so as soon as a player put a coin in, the coin door would lock out attempts to
coin up that side again, and the player would use that side. A countdown from
10 would begin, and other players could coin in before it reached 0. Once it
reached zero, players could not join, and any remaining attempts to coin in
would be locked out. The players then try to "eliminate" each other. The
last remaining player must then face the Eliminator (and its drones) alone.

It's strange that I've never seen a flyer for a the upright or cocktail
version; only the 4-player.

Random prize: One player submitting in excess of 100,000 points, selected randomly from those who do, will receive a set of 6 Namco Dotgraphic Display Figures:

(Click for larger images)

Use WolfMAME .106

On Deck game: Barrier

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 11:30 pm
by Weehawk
Sunday's bonus points to MJSTY.

Posted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 10:08 pm
by Weehawk
Tuesday's bonus points to Tekkaman.

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 10:35 pm
by Weehawk
Thursday's bonus points to Tekkaman.

Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 10:56 pm
by Weehawk

1st: Tekkaman@AIVA (248,400)
2nd: (234,700)
3rd: MJSTY (185,200)

MJSTY takes 3rd and 2 bonus for 7 total.

Tekkaman takes 1st and 4 bonus for 14 total.

Eligible for the random prize: (1-18)
MJSTY (19-36)
Tekkaman@AIVA (37-54)

55 and 56 are unassigned.

Watch at 0400 hours GMT for the numbers drawn here:

which will determine the winner. The first ball drawn under 55 will be the winning number.

Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 5:03 am
by destructor
Number is 48.
Where is good place with good price for buy these figures?

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 10:42 pm
by Weehawk
destructor wrote:Number is 48.
Where is good place with good price for buy these figures?
Yep, 48 it is.

Just watch for them on eBay. There may be Japanese places where you can order them, but I wouldn't know how reliable they are.