Alien vs Predator

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Who would win?

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Chuck Norris
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Alien vs Predator

Post by The TJT » Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:35 am

Going to see the AVP Requiem today. Trying to get to the right mood...

Now, seriously, who would win in your opinion?

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Re: Alien vs Predator

Post by The TJT » Sun Feb 03, 2008 5:19 pm


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Phil Lamat
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Re: Alien vs Predator

Post by Phil Lamat » Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:49 am

Note that title for this requiem sequel is : AlienS vs Predator

I saw the movie one month ago, it's clear because of number that AlienS defeated Predator (mmm, well, before army pronounces a tie, see the movie to understand)

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Re: Alien vs Predator

Post by AL » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:37 am

The Predator's deserve to lose for being plain stupid. Having dealt with these Aliens for centuries, did they suddenly are unable to detect that one of their kin is impregnated with Alien spawn? And all this in the first few minutes of the movie?!

Go see Cloverfield.......

HAL: " It's puzzling . I've never seen anything quite like this before..? "

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Re: AlienS vs Predator II

Post by The TJT » Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:08 pm

Hi guys,

Well, the movie was filled with inconsistencies, bad plot and sub-par acting. But, h*ll, that was exactly what I thought it would be. I really enjoyed the movie for what it was and liked the excessive violence and that bad-ass mother predator. :D 8O 8)

Spoiler warning!!!

What Aliens vs Predator II taught us(picked these mostly from imdb msg board):

The National Guard can be in your town in 5 minutes.
The national guard responds instantly, locked and loaded ready for combat when the power goes out

Its ok for the sheriff to drink at the local bar during a serious crisis.
US army issued night vision goggles as Christmas gifts

If I become homeless, I'd stay in a mountain town in Colorado, where temperatures drop more than 30 degrees below freezing at points during Dec/Jan
Homeless guys always have dark drab clothing. No homeless person ever comes across a colorful jacket

A predalien goes from chestburster just born to adult size in under 30 seconds

There are no news or TV reporters in Gunnison to report on the mayhem and destruction
All teenagers who live in Gunnison, Colorado don't have parents, or don't care for their safety.
All people in Gunnison, Colorado are under 40 years and caucasian.

The Aliens have smart-blood, being that it can choose on whether or not it will burn through certain objects
A predator will never get a drop of acid blood on him. Not even when he steps on an alien's head

A collection of shotguns, pistols and M-16's can hold of a horde of Aliens, a collection of Pulse Rifles, Smart Guns and flamethrowers cannot. (Aliens vs AVPII)

National Guard Lieutenants leave EVERY hatch of their Stryker open and speak calmly into their radios as their soldiers are massacred next to them. (Talking to a local sheriff, lol)

The government would never lie to us, wink wink.
Apparently, people in Colorado don't think that the government lies to them, but everyone in my theatre does.

A person can survive a nasty-looking Alien impaling without too much trouble.

The Predator likes to use his whip and sawed off shotgun only on special
When Wolf(the predator) has an assortment of cool weapons in his possession, he will use all his weapons at least once, but usually once and only once
Predators always have a new gadget when the situation calls for it

The lone blonde girl is always the cock teaser.
The blonde love interest knows where the GUNS are in the gun shop and the sheriff don't
When losing focus, kill the hot chick

Jocks are always dumb-asses.
Jerky Jocks that can't take a joke will always get theirs in the end

A pizza delivery boy cannot stand up to 3 teenagers but can chase off a superb hunting machine. Just because his skank gets killed
It's perfectly alright that a teenager, who works as a pizza delivery driver, and has no formal weapons training, not only has the gumption to take on a trained killer who just impaled his sexual conquest with a giant weapon, but pick off xenomorphs in the rain with the type of accuracy that is only reserved for crack commandos

A Predator on the hunt for Aliens and to "clean up the mess" can still find the time to skin someone.

The Predators magic blue bottle never runs out.
Magic blue stuff is smart enough to know what to melt, and what not to melt

When ships in space have their hulls breached, instead of decompressing rapidly, they somehow veer off course and crash onto the nearest planet. =D>

If a large space ship crash lands on Earth, no one hears it or sees it except for a father-son hunting team. Ditto when the Predator blows up the ship

Sonic booms and crash landings from space can only be heard if you are within 500 ft of them.

Deer hunters in Gunnison don't have to wear orange

mile high helicopter crashes are easily survivable.

An army veteran of the Iraq War can jump in and drive any type of military vehicle with ease, whether it is a tank or a helicopter

Relationships are like jobs in that you can be hired/fired on a whim

Predaliens are not from Jamaica :lol:

Predators love to impersonate Robocop when kicking through hospital doors

Predators eventually have to take off their masks before the movie is over.

Before the end of the movie, a predator has to heal some sort of wound

Don't order pizza in small towns, it's too expensive (53 dollars for 4 pizzas?)

Give Weyland-Yutani Corp. a plasma pistol and they are able to unlock the mysteries of space travel, cryogenics, fusion, and synthetic humans.

When handing over alien technology to a private company, it is necessary to be escorted by both a four star and a three star general

An Army colonel gets to decide whether to nuke a town or not.

Special effects artists are allowed to direct movies

If you film it, they will come.

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Re: Alien vs Predator

Post by Alessandro.S » Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:44 pm

Whoa 8O

It sounds like hearing the movie described by the boys in the South Park cartoon :mrgreen:

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