MAME 0.155 New Games

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MAME 0.155 New Games

Postby ***PL*** » Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:29 pm

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19xxa             "19XX: The War Against Destiny (Asia 960104)"
americna          "Americana (9131-00)"
arescuej          "Air Rescue (Japan)"
armwara           "Armored Warriors (Asia 941024)"
baryona           "Baryon - Future Assault (set 2)"
bazooka           "Bazooka [TTL]"
bazookabr         "Bazooka (Brazil) [TTL]"
bonzeadvp         "Bonze Adventure (World, prototype)"
cafepara          "Mahjong Cafe Paradise"
candory           "Candory (Ponpoko bootleg with Mario)"
caprcyc           "Capriccio Cyclone"
chelnovjbl        "Chelnov - Atomic Runner (Japan, bootleg with I8031, set 1)"
chelnovjbla       "Chelnov - Atomic Runner (Japan, bootleg with I8031, set 2)"
cliffhgra2        "Cliff Hanger (set 3)"
coloramas         "Colorama (P521 V13, Spanish)"
copsuk            "Cops (UK)"
crimepat_12       "Crime Patrol v1.2"
cspin2            "Capriccio Spin 2"
dkong3abl         "Donkey Kong 3 (bootleg with 2xAY8910)"
dlair2_200        "Dragon's Lair 2: Time Warp (US v2.00, AMOA prototype)"
dleuroalt         "Dragon's Lair (European, alternate)"
eggsplc           "Eggs Playing Chicken"
elfin             "Elfin"
f1dreamba         "F-1 Dream (bootleg, set 2)"
f1enu             "F1 Exhaust Note (US)"
fantasian         "Fantasia (940803 PCB)"
fastdraw          "Fast Draw Showdown v1.31"
foodf1            "Food Fight (rev 1)"
friskytb          "Frisky Tom (set 3, encrypted)"
froggeram         "Frogger (bootleg on Amigo? hardware)"
gallgall_21       "Gallagher's Gallery v2.1"
gaplust           "Gaplus (Tecfri PCB)"
gdvsgdnx          "Gundam vs. Gundam Next"
gostop            "Kankoku Hanafuda Go-Stop"
growl             "Growl (World, Rev 1)"
hachamfb          "Hacha Mecha Fighter (19th Sep. 1991, unprotected, bootleg Thunder Dragon conversion)"
hexaa             "Hexa (with 2xZ80, protected)"
hostinv           "Host Invaders"
initdo            "Initial D Arcade Stage (Japan) (GDS-0020)"
jumpinga          "Jumping (set 2)"
jumpjump          "Jump Jump"
kinniku2          "Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2 (KN2 Ver. A)"
lastbh            "The Last Bounty Hunter v1.01"
lgpalt            "Laser Grand Prix (alternate)"
maddog2_110       "Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold v1.10"
maddog_202        "Mad Dog McCree v2.02 board rev.B"
mariobl           "Mario Bros. (Japan, bootleg)"
mgavegas          "Vegas 1 (Ver 2.3 dual coin pulse, shorter)"
mgavegas133       "Vegas 1 (Ver 1.33 single coin pulse)"
mgavegas21        "Vegas 1 (Ver 2.1 dual coin pulse, longer)"
mmancp2ur1        "Mega Man: The Power Battle (CPS2, USA 950926, SAMPLE Version)"
mspacmanblt       "Come-Cocos (Ms. Pac-Man) ('Made in Greece' Triunvi bootleg)"
mtjpoker          "Merit Touch Joker Poker (9132-00)"
mushi2k5          "Mushiking The King Of Beetle 2K5 1st"
numcrash          "Number Crash"
orlegend111t      "Oriental Legend / Xi You Shi E Zhuan (ver. 111, Taiwanese Board)"
pacmaniao         "Pac-Mania (111187 sound program)"
pacmanjpm         "Pac-Man (JPM bootleg)"
pdriftl           "Power Drift (Japan, Link Version)"
pengojpm          "Pengo (bootleg on Pac-Man hardware, set 1)"
pengopac          "Pengo (bootleg on Pac-Man hardware, set 2)"
pepk1024          "Player's Edge (PK1024) Aces and Faces Bonus Poker"
pepp0158          "Player's Edge Plus (PP0158) 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker (set 1)"
pex0124p          "Player's Edge Plus (X000124P+XP000053) Deuces Wild Poker"
pex2308p          "Player's Edge Plus (X002308P+XP000112) Triple Double Bonus Poker"
phoenixdal        "Phoenix (D&L bootleg)"
punchout          "Punch-Out!! (Rev B)"
r2dx_v33_r2-ma    "Raiden II New / Raiden DX (newer V33 PCB) (Raiden II EEPROM) [Mission Alpha]"
r2dx_v33_r2-mb    "Raiden II New / Raiden DX (newer V33 PCB) (Raiden II EEPROM) [Mission Bravo]"
r2dx_v33_r2-mc    "Raiden II New / Raiden DX (newer V33 PCB) (Raiden II EEPROM) [Mission Charlie]"
raiden2dx         "Raiden II (harder, Raiden DX hardware)"
raiden2g          "Raiden II (easy version, Germany)"
raiden2u          "Raiden II (US, set 2)"
raidendxch        "Raiden DX (China)"
raidendxj         "Raiden DX (Japan)"
revlatns          "Revelations"
sboblbobl         "Super Bobble Bobble (bootleg, set 1)"
sbxc              "Sengoku Basara X Cross"
searchey          "Search Eye (English / Korean / Japanese / Italian)"
sf2ebbl2          "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (TAB Austria, bootleg, set 3)"
sf2ebbl3          "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (TAB Austria, bootleg, set 4)"
sf2m9             "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (M9, bootleg)"
sf2mdtc           "Street Fighter II': Magic Delta Turbo (bootleg, set 4)"
shdancbla         "Shadow Dancer (bootleg, set 2)"
shtriderb         "Shot Rider (bootleg)"
simpsons2p3       "The Simpsons (2 Players World, set 3)"
skysharka         "Sky Shark (US, set 2)"
spacepir_14       "Space Pirates v1.4"
spcwarp           "Space Warp?"
speedup10         "Speed Up (Version 1.00)"
spnchouta         "Super Punch-Out!! (Rev A)"
ssf2              "Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers (World 931005)"
stmbladej         "Storm Blade (Japan)"
suhosong          "Su Ho Seong"
trivia            "Trivia (Rev B) [TTL]"
vendetta2peba     "Vendetta (World, 2 Players, ver. EB-A?)"
viprp1h           "Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Holland)"
wb3bble           "Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (encrypted bootleg)"
wontmuch          "Won!Tertainment Music Channel (v1.00)"
xfiles            "The X-Files"
yorizori          "Yori Zori Kuk Kuk"
zerohouri         "Zero Hour (Inder)"
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Re: MAME 0.155 New Games

Postby simpsons99 » Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:50 pm

Donkey Kong 3 is playable but there is no score shown . BTW Ugly as hell!
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