MAME 0.162 New Games

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MAME 0.162 New Games

Post by ***PL*** » Mon Jun 01, 2015 1:05 am

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bbhcotw           "Big Buck Hunter Call of the Wild (v3.02.5)"
bbhsc             "Big Buck Hunter - Shooter's Challenge (v1.50.07)"
contrae           "Contra (US / Asia, set 3)"
crzyddz           "Crazy Dou Di Zhu"
gtfore01          "Golden Tee Fore! (v1.00.25)"
gtfore03          "Golden Tee Fore! 2003 (v3.00.10)"
gtfore03a         "Golden Tee Fore! 2003 (v3.00.09)"
gtfore04a         "Golden Tee Fore! 2004 (v4.00.00)"
gtfore05a         "Golden Tee Fore! 2005 Extra (v5.01.02)"
gtfore05b         "Golden Tee Fore! 2005 Extra (v5.01.00)"
gtfore05c         "Golden Tee Fore! 2005 Extra (v5.00.00)"
hottop            "Hot Toppings (English)"
leprglds          "Leprechaun's Gold (Spanish)"
olysoc92b         "Olympic Soccer '92 (set 3)"
pex2297p          "Player's Edge Plus (X002297P+XP000053) Jackpot Poker"
pexmp030          "Player's Edge Plus (XMP00030) 5-in-1 Wingboard (CG2451)"
royalpk2          "Royal Poker 2 (Network version 3.12)"
vigilanta         "Vigilante (World, Rev A)"
vigilantb         "Vigilante (US, Rev B)"
virtpool          "Virtual Pool"

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