Circus Charlie consider a limited Life rule ?

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Re: Circus Charlie consider a limited Life rule ?

Post by KIG666 » Sun Nov 29, 2015 3:18 pm

QRS wrote:I remember JD DQ my recordings when I tried that back in a deca hehe. You have really mastered it though. Hats off! It is NOT as easy as it looks ;)
Never really understood why some ppl had/have problems with leeching on this game. :lol:
It's not that point pressing in CC would be infinite every board has a strict time limit.

I think trapeze boards are a perfect example why leeching is not always bad it can be cool and challenging as well.

As for lion boards understandable that some ppl say it's cheap but those ppl have most probably never really tried to max out those boards before.
Lion board leeching looks simple and it is indeed a bit repetitive/easier than leeching trapeze monkey or horse boards but still.....
To score a 330K lion is really not that easy.

With a 5 life only track and a score subtraction rule it would be not possible to go overboard anymore so another good reason for a 5 life track.

Leeching in Circus Charlie is only lame if it's possible to sacrifice lots of lives to earn cheap extra points imo.

That was the main reason why I wanted to know why zylquin is against point pressing in CC but from the look of it he doesn't really visit Marp lately...
Anyway I would still like to know your view on this subject QRS :P

Just playing through a game like CC without any leeching don't think I could enjoy that.

To figure out the way for max points for every single board that's what I enjoy most right now :D
Zhorik wrote:Indeed, damn impressive. I'd love to see some more advanced point pressing techniques on the game!
Here is a little video of a monkey board with 2 delayed backjumps with lots of practice you can do up to 8 of those jumps on one board.

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Re: Circus Charlie consider a limited Life rule ?

Post by Barra » Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:12 pm

Some impressive stuff there KIG
Andrew Barrow

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