MAME 0.172 Game Changes

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MAME 0.172 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:53 pm

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*** new games
androidp          "Android (early build?)"
batriderhk        "Armed Police Batrider (Hong Kong) (Mon Dec 22 1997)"
batsugunb         "Batsugun (Korean PCB)"
bbh2sp            "Big Buck Hunter II - Sportsman's Paradise (v2.02.11)"
bdream97          "Butterfly Dream 97 / Hudie Meng 97"
buccanrsb         "Buccaneers (set 3, harder)"
cabaluk           "Cabal (UK, Trackball)"
cclimbrrod        "Crazy Climber (Spanish, Rodmar bootleg)"
chkndraw          "Chicken Draw (2131-04, U5-01)"
chryangla         "Cherry Angel (encrypted, W-4 hardware)"
cmast99           "Cherry Master '99 (V9B.00)"
cnfball           "Electronic Football (Conic, TMS1000 version)"
cocolocoa         "Coco Loco (set 2)"
cocolocob         "Coco Loco (set 3)"
fball             "Fire Ball (FM Work)"
gametree          "Game Tree [TTL]"
hipoly            "Hipoly (bootleg of Hyper Olympic)"
jingbell          "Jingle Bell (US, V157)"
jingbella         "Jingle Bell (EU, V155)"
jingbellb         "Jingle Bell (EU, V153)"
jingbellc         "Jingle Bell (EU, V141)"
kcontra           "Contra (handheld)"
knockoutc         "Knock Out!! (bootleg, set 3)"
lockonph          "Lock On (Philko)"
lresortp          "Last Resort (prototype)"
luckybar          "Lucky Bar (W-4 with mc68705 MCU)"
mach3a-bmb        "M.A.C.H. 3" -> "M.A.C.H. 3 (set 2) [Bomber]"
mach3a-fgt        "M.A.C.H. 3" -> "M.A.C.H. 3 (set 2) [Fighter]"
mach3b-bmb        "M.A.C.H. 3" -> "M.A.C.H. 3 (set 3) [Bomber]"
mach3b-fgt        "M.A.C.H. 3" -> "M.A.C.H. 3 (set 3) [Fighter]"
majtitl2a         "Major Title 2 (World, alt sound CPU)"
mooncrstso        "Moon Cresta (SegaSA / Sonic)"
mspacmanbhe       "Come-Cocos (Ms. Pac-Man) ('Made in Greece' Herle SA bootleg)"
myherobl          "My Hero (bootleg, 315-5132 encryption)"
pacgal2           "Pac-Gal (set 2)"
pacmanblb         "Pac-Man (Moon Alien 'AL-10A1' hardware)"
pacmanpe          "Come Come (Petaco SA bootleg of Puck Man)"
pacmanso          "Pac-Man (SegaSA / Sonic)"
pepk0756          "Player's Edge (PK0756-PC084) Standard Draw Poker"
pex2252p          "Player's Edge Plus (X002252P+XP000050) Shockwave Poker"
pex2309p          "Player's Edge Plus (X002309P+XP000038) Triple Double Bonus Poker"
pleiadsn          "Pleiads (Niemer S.A.)"
robotron12        "Robotron: 2084 (2012 'wave 201 start' hack)"
robotron87        "Robotron: 2084 (1987 'shot-in-the-corner' bugfix)"
robotrontd        "Robotron: 2084 (2015 'tie-die V2' hack)"
sbishik           "Super Bishi Bashi Championship (ver KAB, 3 Players)"
seganinja         "Sega Ninja (315-5113)"
smssgame          "Super Game (Sega Master System Multi-game bootleg)"
spartanxtec       "Spartan X (Tecfri hardware bootleg)"
spk102ua          "Super Poker (v102UA)"
spk114it          "Super Poker (v114IT)"
spk116itmx        "Super Poker (v116IT-MX)"
spk200ua          "Super Poker (v200UA)"
spk203us          "Super Poker (v203US)"
spk205us          "Super Poker (v205US)"
spk306us          "Super Poker (v306US)"
tokip             "Toki (US, prototype?)"
wbmld             "Wonder Boy in Monster Land (decrypted bootleg of Japan New Ver., MC-8123, 317-0043)"
wbmljod           "Wonder Boy in Monster Land (decrypted bootleg of Japan Old Ver., MC-8123, 317-0043)"
wbmlvcd           "Wonder Boy in Monster Land (decrypted bootleg of English, Virtual Console release)"
wrungpo           "Wave Runner GP (original, Rev A)"

*** changed short
jingbell -> jingbelli      "Jingle Bell (Italy, V133I)"
pepk0756 -> pepk0756a      "Player's Edge (PK0756-PC041) Standard Draw Poker"
pepk0756a -> pepk0756b     "Player's Edge (PK0756-PC011) Standard Draw Poker"
pepk0756b -> pepk0756c     "Player's Edge (PK0756-PC001) Standard Draw Poker"
sbishik -> sbishika        "Super Bishi Bashi Championship (ver KAA, 3 Players)"

*** changed both
cmast99 -> cmast99b        "Cherry Master '99" -> "Cherry Master '99 (V9B.00 bootleg / hack)"
crimfght -> crimfghtu      "Crime Fighters (US 4 players)" -> "Crime Fighters (US 4 Players)"
crimfght2 -> crimfght      "Crime Fighters (World 2 Players)" -> "Crime Fighters (World 2 players)"

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Re: MAME 0.172 Game Changes

Post by kranser » Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:58 am

Excellent list of changes. very useful. Thanks Pat.


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Re: MAME 0.172 Game Changes

Post by Haze » Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:17 am

If you're looking to play games the following are probably the most interesting

androidp "Android (early build?)"
fball "Fire Ball (FM Work)"
lockonph "Lock On (Philko)"
lresortp "Last Resort (prototype)"
robotron12 "Robotron: 2084 (2012 'wave 201 start' hack)"
robotron87 "Robotron: 2084 (1987 'shot-in-the-corner' bugfix)"
robotrontd "Robotron: 2084 (2015 'tie-die V2' hack)"

Android / Fire Ball / Lock On are all newly working games.
In addition to the above 'Tournament Solitaire' and 'Magical Touch' also gained working status in this release, the latter at least might need splitting by sub-game.

The Last Resort prototype has interesting differences from the final game, so if you're a fan of that you might want to give it a spoin.

The Robotron sets are also interesting for competitive play, the 87 set fixes the reset bug when you shoot into the corner in certain cases, making the game more reliable.
The 2012 set throws you in the deep end, at a higher level, was designed for high level competitions etc.
The tie-die set is a further bug-fixed / enhanced version of the game that was made in 2014/2015 by the original Robotron programmer! ( ... ie-romset/ )

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