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MAME 0.191 Game Changes

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:43 pm
by ***PL***

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*** new games
agsoccer07        "A.G. Soccer Ball (R07u)"
alien3j           "Alien3: The Gun (Japan)"
athenab           "Athena (bootleg)"
bbchall           "Baby Boom Challenge"
biomtoyb          "Biomechanical Toy (Ver. 1.0.1878)"
cabalukj          "Cabal (UK, Joystick)"
cobram3a          "Cobra Command (M.A.C.H. 3 hardware, set 2)"
cyberbal1         "Cyberball (rev 1)"
dobouchn          "Dobou-Chan (ver JAA)"
emjjoshi          "E-Touch Mahjong Series #2: Joshiryou de NE! (Japan)"
emjscanb          "E-Touch Mahjong Series #6: Scandal Blue - Midara na Daishou (Japan)"
emjtrapz          "E-Touch Mahjong Series #7: Trap Zone - Yokubou no Kaisoku Densha (Japan)"
fpointbla         "Flash Point (Japan, bootleg set 2)"
glocr360j         "G-LOC R360 (Japan)"
gokidetor         "Gokidetor"
grainbowk         "SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki (Korea)"
knightsb2         "Knights of the Round (bootleg, World 911127)"
kov3              "Knights of Valour 3 (V104, China)"
kov3_100          "Knights of Valour 3 (V100, China)"
notechan          "Note Chance"
ochaken           "Ocha-Ken Hot Medal"
rodlanda          "Rod-Land (World, set 2)"
shangonrb2-beg    "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg) [Beginner]"
shangonrb2-exp    "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg) [Expert]"
shangonrb2-jnr    "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg) [Junior]"
shangonrb2-snr    "Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg) [Senior]"
targetha          "Target Hits (ver 1.1, Checksum 86E1)"
thoop2a           "TH Strikes Back (Non North America, Version 1.0, Checksum 020EB356)"
twcup94b          "Tecmo World Cup '94 (set 3)"
vathletep         "Virtua Athletics / Virtua Athlete (prototype)"
wseries0          "World Series: The Season (rev 0)"

*** changed short
kov3 -> kov3_102           "Knights of Valour 3 (V102, China)"

*** changed both
targetha -> targeth10      "Target Hits (ver 1.0)" -> "Target Hits (ver 1.0, Checksum FBCB)"

Re: MAME 0.191 Game Changes

Posted: Thu Oct 26, 2017 4:06 pm
by Haze
Target Hits (all 3 sets) is now working in 0.191

The game has 3 different modes, with 3 different score tables and should be split
Shooting Range
Desert Chariots
Track Wagons (aka Forest Wagons on the high score table)

Each mode plays differently, you select which game you want to play after inserting your coin.

Re: MAME 0.191 Game Changes

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:58 pm
by ***PL***
Haze wrote:Target Hits (all 3 sets) is now working in 0.191
Ok, splits created for all 3 sets.

For parent... still need to modify (eliminate?) special rules and sort existing INPs