MAME 0.193 Game Changes

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MAME 0.193 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:31 pm

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*** new games
ablast            "A-Blast (Japan)"
am_mg4v           "Multi Game IV (V.Ger 3.44)"
amigo2            "Amigo (bootleg of Amidar, set 2)"
attackf           "Attack (Defender bootleg)"
bjourneyh         "Blue's Journey / Raguy (ALH-001)"
bloodbrou         "Blood Bros. (US)"
bootsctnub        "Boot Scootin' (AHG1547, US)"
bumblbugua        "Bumble Bugs (CHG0479-99, US)"
calcune           "Calcune (Japan, prototype)"
cftbl_l2          "Creature from the Black Lagoon (L-2)"
chickna5b         "Chicken (01J01886, NSW/ACT)"
chickna5ua        "Chicken (RHG0730-99, US)"
dangcurv          "Dangerous Curves (Ver 2.9 O)"
deathcox          "Death Crimson OX (Rev A)"
eforsta5ua        "Enchanted Forest (JHG0415-99, US)"
eforsta5ub        "Enchanted Forest (AHG1615, US)"
f3in1-fb          "3 in 1: Football, Basketball, Soccer"
f3in1-bb          "3 in 1: Football, Basketball, Soccer"
f3in1-sc          "3 in 1: Football, Basketball, Soccer"
fantasyg2         "Fantasy (Germany, set 2)"
galaxrcgg         "Galaxian Growing Galaxip / Galaxian Nave Creciente (Recreativos Covadonga Spanish bootleg)"
gijoea            "G.I. Joe (Asia, AA)"
glizardu          "Green Lizard (AHG1623, US)"
goldhexa          "Golden Hexa"
hexapres          "Hexa President"
hnktonku          "Honkey Tonk - Cash Express (BHG1455, US)"
incasunv          "Inca Sun (01J01946, Venezuela)"
inyourfa          "In Your Face (North America, prototype)"
jolycdif          "Jolly Card (Italian, bootleg)"
kgalahu           "King Galah (AHG1625, US)"
kof98umh          "The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match HERO (China, V100, 09-08-23)"
kyhatonu          "Keep Your Hat On (BHG1204, US)"
minemineua        "Mine, Mine, Mine (NHG0416-99, US)"
mountmonua        "Mountain Money (BHG1464, US)"
orleg2            "Oriental Legend 2 (V104, Oversea)"
orleg2_101        "Oriental Legend 2 (V101, Oversea)"
orleg2_103        "Oriental Legend 2 (V103, Oversea)"
pengpayua         "Penguin Pays (OHG0417-03, US)"
pengpayub         "Penguin Pays (OHG0417-02, US)"
pengpayuc         "Penguin Pays - Cash Express (AHG1544, US)"
picno             "Picno"
picno2            "Picno 2"
pitchhit          "Pitch Hitter - Baseball Challenge"
qnileua           "Queen of the Nile (GHG4091-03, US)"
qnileub           "Queen of the Nile (AHG1608, US)"
rbspm             "Real Battle Super Phoenix Mahjong (Version 4.1)"
sbagmani          "Super Bagman (Itisa, Spain)"
sf2049tea         "San Francisco Rush 2049: Tournament Edition Unlocked"
shuriboy          "Shuriken Boy"
smsjoker          "Joker Poker With Hi-Lo Double-Up"
telpacfl          "TelePachi Fever Lion (V1.0)"
torarech          "Torarechattano - AV Kantoku Hen (Japan)"
twinbratb         "Twin Brats (set 3)"
wafricau          "Wild Africa (AHG1535, US)"
wcougarua         "Wild Cougar (NHG0296-07, US)"
wcougarub         "Wild Cougar (NHG0296-99, US)"
wcougaruc         "Wild Cougar (AHG1531, US)"
weststorya        "West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros., set 2)"

*** changed short
dangcurv -> dangcurvj      "Dangerous Curves (Ver 2.2 J)"
deathcox -> deathcoxo      "Death Crimson OX"
gijoea -> gijoeea          "G.I. Joe (World, EB8, prototype?)"
mario -> mariof            "Mario Bros. (US, Revision F)"
orleg2 -> orleg2_104cn     "Oriental Legend 2 (V104, China)"
orleg2_101 -> orleg2_101cn "Oriental Legend 2 (V101, China)"
orleg2_103 -> orleg2_103cn "Oriental Legend 2 (V103, China)"

*** changed both
bloodbro -> bloodbroja     "Blood Bros. (set 1)" -> "Blood Bros. (Japan)"
bloodbroa -> bloodbroj     "Blood Bros. (set 2)" -> "Blood Bros. (Japan, rev A)"
bloodbrob -> bloodbro      "Blood Bros. (set 3)" -> "Blood Bros. (World?)"
marioo -> mario            "Mario Bros. (US, Unknown Rev)" -> "Mario Bros. (US, Revision G)"
penbrosk -> ablastb        "Penguin Brothers (Japan, bootleg)" -> "A-Blast (bootleg)"
weststry -> weststory      "West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros.)" -> "West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros., set 1)"

*** deletions
marmagicub        "Margarita Magic (EHG1559, US, set 2)"

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Re: MAME 0.193 Game Changes

Post by Haze » Sat Dec 30, 2017 12:28 pm

as always this only really tells half the story (and the majority of the things listed aren't things people are going to be competing on)

of note, most of the PGM2 stuff has been promoted to working.

ddpdojh is a special PGM2 version of ddpdoj and has a new 'Easy' mode, the game specifically has 2 high score tables, one for 'Easy' and the other for 'Original' so it might make sense for MARP to mirror that as IGS / Cave thought it worth splitting the table at least.

kov2nl (and clones) likewise have multiple modes of play, story, internet ranking, boss rush, 'war'

orleg2 (and clones) has story, internet ranking, boss rush

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Re: MAME 0.193 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Sat Dec 30, 2017 5:04 pm

Splits created for the following ROMsets:





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