MAME 0.197 Game Changes

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MAME 0.197 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Sat Apr 28, 2018 8:19 pm

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*** new games
amazonkp          "Amazonia King Plus (V204BR)"
endurora          "Enduro Racer (YM2151) (mask ROM sprites, FD1089B 317-0013A)"
explbrkrk         "Explosive Breaker (Korea)"
garouha           "Garou - Mark of the Wolves (NGH-2530)"
genius6           "Genius 6 (V110F)"
gokidetor2        "Gokidetor (set 2)"
jkrmasta          "Joker Master (V512)"
jolycdih          "Jolly Card (Italian, bootleg, set 3)"
luplup10          "Lup Lup Puzzle / Zhuan Zhuan Puzzle (version 1.05 / 981214)"
mastboyo          "Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware)"
newxpang          "New Cross Pang"
paperboyp-es      "Paperboy (prototype) [Easy Street]"
paperboyp-hw      "Paperboy (prototype) [Hard Way]"
paperboyp-mr      "Paperboy (prototype) [Middle Road]"
pnyaa             "Pochi and Nyaa (Ver 2.02)"
popeyehs          "Popeye (Braze High Score Kit P1.00D)"
rad_crik          "Connectv Cricket (PAL)"
rad_foot          "Connectv Football"
rad_sktv          "Skannerz TV"
renegadeb         "Renegade (US bootleg)"
sf2ceb            "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Playmark bootleg)"
silkwormb         "Silk Worm (bootleg)"
timekill121a      "Time Killers (v1.21, alternate ROM board)"
ttsracec          "T.T. Speed Race CL [TTL]"
wrally2           "World Rally 2: Twin Racing (mask ROM version)"
wwfmaniap         "WWF: Wrestlemania (proto 2.01 06/07/95)"

*** changed both
pnyyaa -> pnyaaa        "Pochi and Nyaa" -> "Pochi and Nyaa (Ver 2.00)"
wrally2 -> wrally2a     "World Rally 2: Twin Racing" -> "World Rally 2: Twin Racing (EPROM version)"

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MARPaltunnel Wrists
MARPaltunnel Wrists
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Re: MAME 0.197 Game Changes

Post by giro-X » Tue May 01, 2018 11:35 pm

Pat, Pochi and Nyaa has a split in MARP for VS CPU mode (pnyaa is Attack mode, pnyaa-vs the challenge against CPU).
Therefore, the current pnyaa-vs should be renamed to pnyaaa-vs and new fresh pnyaa-vs should be added. When you can... :)

For the sake of knowledge, Pochi and Nyaa v2.02 has a different, easier couple of first stages in VS CPU mode. I wondered about that difference since, years ago, I have seen a video on niconico made on that version; I thought there had to be some sort of special code/sequence to input, instead turns out it was a game update.

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Re: MAME 0.197 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Wed May 02, 2018 12:12 am

Thank you giro-x!!

pnyaa-vs -> pnyaaa-vs "Pochi and Nyaa [vs]" -> "Pochi and Nyaa (Ver 2.00) [vs]"

pnyaa-vs "Pochi and Nyaa (Ver 2.02) [vs]"

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