NBA Jam and similar games.

Discussion about MARP's regulation play


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NBA Jam and similar games.

Post by _Zaphod_ » Mon Dec 31, 2018 6:35 pm

With this game, and all other like it, you only get 1 quarter of the game per credit, but you have too play all four quarters for a complete game.

This is regardless of player performance, and it scores like a real sports game.

4 credits corresponds exactly with a full game of 2 on 2 basketball.

You are intended to pony up four credits for the full game, and your play is only registered in the saved standings (the game has a campaign feature, where it remembers your progress and what teams you beat, and faces you against more difficult ones as you continue to play) if it's completed.

You are intended to play a full game of four credits, and a full game is always four credits, regardless of score.

Please someone go through all sports games. Any game that uses video game points instead should generally be one credit. Any game where your performance affects whether you get to play a full game on one credit should also be one credit allowed. But games where the sport itself has a timer, AND you cannot ever play a full game on one credit AND it uses sports scoring, AND there is a specific number of credits used to play a full game, then you should use that number of credits and play out the game.

Cyberball is a special case. performance matters, but you need a full six credits to play out the game. If you run out of money and can't afford to replace a blown up player, you have to buy funds with credits. For this game you get six credits, and if you fail to finish the game with those credits, oh well. six is enough to play all six periods. Since here's no mercy rule, score should be either your score, or your score minus their score. Possibly reject unfinished games due to needing to buy funds.

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Re: NBA Jam and similar games.

Post by Kale » Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:59 pm


If you have a full list of stuff that doesn't have an explicit special rule set as stated in this poll then it may help.
Also buy-in features are disallowed by implicit rule except for a very specific case that still needs talking/voting about (Cotton loop 2)

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