MAME 0.229 Game Changes

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MAME 0.229 Game Changes

Post by ***PL*** » Wed Mar 03, 2021 1:59 pm

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*** new games
asteroidb2        "Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lander hardware, set 2)"
baracuda          "Barracuda"
blockch           "G.T. Block Challenger"
bm3               "Beatmania III"
borntofiv         "Born To Fight (Vifico license)"
defenseb          "Defense (Defender bootleg)"
driftoutct        "Drift Out (Europe, Cameltry conversion)"
galaxianem        "Galaxian (Electromar Spanish bootleg)"
galkamika         "Kamikaze (Electrogame, Spanish bootleg of Galaxian)"
hotnight          "Hot Night"
hunchbgb          "Hunchback (FAR S.A. bootleg on Galaxian hardware)"
marsarf           "Mars (bootleg)"
olibug            "Oli Bug (Jump Bug bootleg)"
photoply2k1sp     "Photo Play 2001 (Spanish)"
popnanm           "Pop'n Music Animelo"
popnmt            "Pop'n Music Mickey Tunes"
popnmt2           "Pop'n Music Mickey Tunes!"
ppp2nda           "ParaParaParadise 2nd Mix (AAA)"
pubball           "Power Up Baseball (prototype)"
radarscp          "Radar Scope (TRS02, rev. D)"
sf2mkot           "Street Fighter II': Magic KO Turbo!! - Nightmare Crack"
storminga         "Storming Party / Riku Kai Kuu Saizensen (set 2)"
wbeachvla         "World Beach Volley (set 1, S87C751 audio CPU)"
wg3dhfe           "Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey Fatality Edition (prototype)"

*** changed both
asteroidb -> asteroidb1    "Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lander hardware)" -> "Asteroids (bootleg on Lunar Lander hardware, set 1)"
radarscp -> radarscpc      "Radar Scope" -> "Radar Scope (TRS02?, rev. C)"

*** deletions
blitz11           "NFL Blitz (boot ROM 1.1)"

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