MAME 0.207 Game Changes

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MAME 0.207 Game Changes

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*** new games
bandit            "Bandit (US)"
beena             "Beena"
boggy84b2         "Boggy '84 (bootleg, set 2)"
c2color           "C2 Color (China)"
champion          "Champion 85"
dblaxleu-cc       "Double Axle (US) [Car-Crushing]"
dblaxleu-ir       "Double Axle (US) [Icy Road]"
dblaxleu-mb       "Double Axle (US) [Mud Bog]"
dblaxleu-xc       "Double Axle (US) [Cross Country]"
denseib2          "Ghost Chaser Densei (SNES bootleg, set 2)"
dreamlif          "Dream Life"
epitch            "e-pitch (Japan)"
galpanisa         "Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Asia)"
grdnstrmau        "Guardian Storm (horizontal, Australia)"
hipai2            "Hi Pai Paradise 2"
icanguit          "I Can Play Guitar"
intel02           "Intellect-02"
kingrt66p         "The King of Route 66 (prototype)"
lethalenead       "Lethal Enforcers (ver EAD, 11/11/92 10:52)"
loveber3cn        "Love And Berry - 3rd-5th Collection (China, Ver 1.001) (MDA-C0071)"
magician          "The Magician (20210111, NSW/ACT)"
modulab           "Modulab"
ppchampa          "Pasha Pasha Champ Mini Game Festival (Korea, set 2)"
queenbeei         "Queen Bee (Israel, Ver. 100)"
queenbeesa        "Queen Bee (SA-101-HARD)"
rdft2jc           "Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Japan set 4)"
redclashs         "Red Clash (Suntronics)"
rotra             "Rise of the Robots (prototype, older)"
ryukyua           "RyuKyu (Japan) (FD1094 317-5023A)"
theglobme         "The Glob (Pacman hardware, Magic Electronics Inc. license)"
virnbapa          "Virtua NBA (prototype, 15.11)"
xmenja            "X-Men (4 Players ver JEA)"

*** changed both
dblaxleu-cc -> dblaxleul-cc "Double Axle (US, earlier) [Car-Crushing]" -> "Double Axle (US, Rev 1, Linkable) [Car-Crushing]"
dblaxleu-ir -> dblaxleul-ir "Double Axle (US, earlier) [Icy Road]" -> "Double Axle (US, Rev 1, Linkable) [Icy Road]"
dblaxleu-mb -> dblaxleul-mb "Double Axle (US, earlier) [Mud Bog]" -> "Double Axle (US, Rev 1, Linkable) [Mud Bog]"
dblaxleu-xc -> dblaxleul-xc "Double Axle (US, earlier) [Cross Country]" -> "Double Axle (US, Rev 1, Linkable) [Cross Country]"
goindolk -> goindolj        "Goindol (Korea)" -> "Goindol (Japan)"
samesamech -> samesamecn    "Same! Same! Same! (China, 2P set)" -> "Jiao! Jiao! Jiao! (China, 2P set)"
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