krj - willowj - 2344900

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krj - willowj - 2344900

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I'm terribly sorry to even open a topic about this. It's a really good score (you should watch it if you like the game), but... ...
I haven't checked all the other replays yet but I suppose (since the confirms, and the absence of debate) they should all follow the default settings:
Lives: 1
Vitality: 4
which are the actual MAME defaults.
Krj's submission is Lives: 2 Vitality: 3, which are the settings used recently in Winter Yolimpics 2020 (and are even indicated as actual default settings to use for comparison with Jap. rankings, by Gemant's WRs document). Whether it's been used outside Marp doesn't really mean anything but trying to explain why being used.

I checked for TG settings, what could they be.
According to their default is also Lives:2 Vitality: 3
for Willow (USA). So does this apply to all Willow's romsets as well? The question becomes, is it possible to preserve this score intact, on MARP, with a "TG settings" indication?
If we eventually ignore the last life used, the score turns into 1,344,900. (it's a double-KO-based replay)
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