MAME 0.228 Game Changes

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MAME 0.228 Game Changes

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*** new games
bassdx            "Sega Bass Fishing Deluxe (USA)"
bigfightj         "Big Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean (Japan, rev F)"
crimepat_10       "Crime Patrol v1.0"
dirtdvlsu         "Dirt Devils (USA, Revision A)"
fatfurspb         "Fatal Fury Special (SNES bootleg)"
getaway           "Get A Way"
heromem           "Heroine's Memory"
hpierrot          "Happy Pierrot"
kpontoon          "Pontoon (Konami)"
namenayo          "Namennayo (Japan)"
puchicaru-beg     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [Beginners]"
puchicaru-exp     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [Expert]"
puchicaru-mid     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [Middle]"
puchicaru-vsb     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [vs] [Beginners]"
puchicaru-vse     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [vs] [Expert]"
puchicaru-vsm     "Puchi Carat (Ver 2.04A 1997/11/08) [vs] [Middle]"
rabbitj           "Rabbit (Japan 3/6?)"
redhawks          "Red Hawk (horizontal, Spain)"
thehole           "The Hole (bootleg of The Pit)"
theportr          "The Porter (bootleg of Port Man)"

*** changed short
dirtdvlsa -> dirtdvlsau    "Dirt Devils (Australia, Revision A)"

*** changed both
bass -> getbassur          "Sega Bass Fishing" -> "Get Bass: Sega Bass Fishing Upright (Japan)"
bassdx -> getbassdx        "Sega Bass Fishing Deluxe" -> "Get Bass: Sega Bass Fishing Deluxe (Japan)"
scud -> scudau             "Scud Race Twin (Australia)" -> "Scud Race Twin/DX (Australia)"
scuda -> scud              "Scud Race Twin" -> "Scud Race Twin/DX (Export)"
scudj -> scuddx            "Scud Race Deluxe" -> "Scud Race Deluxe (Revision A)"
srally2x -> srally2dx      "Sega Rally 2 DX" -> "Sega Rally 2 Deluxe (Export)"
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