MAME 0.216 Game Changes

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MAME 0.216 Game Changes

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*** new games
berzerk           "Berzerk (revision RC31A)"
captcommb2        "Captain Commando (bootleg with 2xMSM5205)"
cosmica3          "Cosmic Alien (version II, set 2)"
dinopic3          "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (bootleg with PIC16C57, set 3)"
eeekkp            "Eeekk! (Pac-Man conversion)"
fanzonem          "Fantasy Zone (medal game, REV.A) (J 990202 V1.000)"
fishingm          "Fishing Master (971107 JPN)"
hvyunitja         "Heavy Unit (Japan, alternate ROM format)"
jojo              "JoJo's Venture (Euro 990128)"
jojor1            "JoJo's Venture (Euro 990108)"
jojor2            "JoJo's Venture (Euro 981202)"
knightsb3         "Knights of the Round (bootleg with 2xMSM5205, set 2)"
opwolf3j          "Operation Wolf 3 (Japan)"
orbite            "Orbite"
rbff1ka           "Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Korean release, bug fix revision)"
rodent            "Rodent Exterminator"
sf2amf3           "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (L735 Test Rom, bootleg, set 2)"
sf2ceds6          "Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Dstreet-6, bootleg)"
slampic2          "Saturday Night Slam Masters (bootleg with PIC16C57, set 2)"
spdheatj          "Super Dead Heat (Japan)"
sprpuzzle         "Super Puzzle (Sang Ho Soft)"
verbena           "Verbena (bootleg of Carnival)"

*** changed short
jojo -> jojou              "JoJo's Venture (USA 990128)"
jojor1 -> jojour1          "JoJo's Venture (USA 990108)"
jojor2 -> jojour2          "JoJo's Venture (USA 981202)"

*** changed both
berzerk -> berzerka        "Berzerk (set 1)" -> "Berzerk (revision RC31)"
berzerk1 -> berzerkb       "Berzerk (set 2)" -> "Berzerk (revision RC28)"
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