MAME 0.219 Game Changes

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MAME 0.219 Game Changes

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*** new games
ataqandr          "Ataque Androide - Moon Cresta (FAR S.A. Spanish bootleg)"
batlballpt        "Battle Balls (Portugal)"
bloodbrok         "Blood Bros. (Korea)"
clubk2kpa         "Club Kart: European Session (2003, prototype, set 2)"
dblewinga         "Double Wings (Asia)"
dharmag           "Dharma Doujou (Germany)"
f355p             "Ferrari F355 Challenge (private show version)"
fstarfrcw         "Final Star Force (World?)"
galaktron         "Galaktron (Petaco S.A.)"
galaxianbl3       "Galaxian (Spanish bootleg)"
lordofkb          "The Lord of King (bootleg)"
mastboyob         "Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Ichi-Funtel)"
mrdofabr          "Mr. Do! (Fabremar bootleg)"
olmandingo        "Olivmandingo (Spanish bootleg of Mandinga on Galaxian hardware)"
p47aces           "P-47 Aces (ver 1.1)"
pangbc            "Pang (bootleg, set 7)"
portera           "El Estivador (Spanish bootleg of Port Man on Galaxian hardware)"
puzzlia           "Puzzli (revision A)"
raiden2eup        "Raiden II (easier, US, prototype? 11-16)"
rampart2pa        "Rampart (Joystick, smaller ROMs)"
ribbitj           "Ribbit! (Japan)"
seicrossa         "Seicross (set 2)"
sf2um             "Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (USA 920312)"
spaceplta         "Space Pilot (set 2)"
ss2001            "Super Shanghai 2001"
tantrbl4          "Puzzle & Action: Tant-R (Japan) (bootleg set 4)"
theendss          "The End (SegaSA / Sonic)"
timecrs4j         "Time Crisis 4 (Japan, TSF1001-NA-A)"
timekill100       "Time Killers (v1.00)"
tmntua            "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version N)"
viprp1pt          "Viper Phase 1 (New Version, Portugal)"

*** changed short
p47aces -> p47acesa        "P-47 Aces (ver 1.0)"
tmntub -> tmntuc           "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H)"
tmntua -> tmntub           "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version J)"

*** changed both
fitegolf2 -> fitegolfua    "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2)" -> "Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (US, Ver 2, set 2)"
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