Klax (set 1)

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Klax (set 1)

Post by mahlemiut »

http://marp.retrogames.com/inp/a/b/b/30 ... olf101.zip

Loses sync early with supplied settings. With settings overridden, and sound on, played back to 862k.

-nosound shouldn't have any effect on any of the past couple dozen or so MAME versions anyway.
- Barry Rodewald
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Post by The TJT »

Klax seems, or seemed, to be very strict for the sound settings used to playback. You might need to have correct samplerate. Old winmame vers had loads of sound options that had to be exact for pb to work.
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Post by Chad »

this happened the first time i played it back, but the second time i used full screen instead of window and -nothrottle and it played back ok for me.
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Phil Lamat
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Post by Phil Lamat »

For me default playback is 862k, and inp playbacks to the correct score of 2201269 with the use of -nothrottle (CLI used)
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