MAME 0.250 Game Changes

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MAME 0.250 Game Changes

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*** new games
alpinesa          "Alpine Surfer (World, AF2 Ver.A, set 2)"
bloxeeda          "Bloxeed (Japan, earlier) (FD1094 317-0139)"
champbwla         "Championship Bowling (location test)"
deroona           "Deroon DeroDero (earlier, set 2)"
dominoa           "Domino Man (set 2)"
galactica2        "Galactica-2 (Moon Alien Part 2 bootleg)"
gallop            "Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Japan, M84 hardware)"
gradius4a         "Gradius IV (ver AAC)"
gradius4aa        "Gradius IV (ver AAA)"
gradius4ja        "Gradius IV: Fukkatsu (ver JAA)"
gradius4u         "Gradius IV (ver UAC)"
gradius4ua        "Gradius IV (ver UAA)"
hkittymp          "Hello Kitty Magical Pumpkin (Japan 960712)"
ibara             "Ibara (2005/03/22 MASTER VER.., '06. 3. 7 ver.)"
minigolfa         "Mini Golf (11/25/85)"
nbaatw            "NBA All The Way (ver EAB)"
nbaatwa           "NBA All The Way (ver EAA)"
nbapbp            "NBA Play By Play (ver UAB)"
nbapbpaa          "NBA Play By Play (ver AAA)"
nbapbpj           "NBA Play By Play (ver JAB)"
nbapbpua          "NBA Play By Play (ver UAA)"
netchu02c         "Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002 (NPY1 Ver. C)"
newxpanga         "New Cross Pang (set 2)"
pitapata          "Pitapat Puzzle (set 2)"
punchkid          "Punching Kid (Japan)"
scudhamm          "Scud Hammer (ver 1.4)"
simpsons4pe2      "The Simpsons (4 Players World, set 3)"
sinvemag2         "Super Invaders (Emag bootleg set 2)"
terabrsta         "Teraburst (1998/07/17 ver HEL)"
terabrstj         "Teraburst (1998/07/17 ver JEL)"
terabrstja        "Teraburst (1998/02/25 ver JAA)"
terabrstua        "Teraburst (1998/02/25 ver UAA)"
trojanlt          "Trojan (location test)"
twinsa            "Twins (older)"

*** changed short
gallop -> gallopm72        "Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Japan, M72 hardware)"
ibara -> ibarao            "Ibara (2005/03/22 MASTER VER..)"
minigolf2 -> minigolfb     "Mini Golf (10/8/85)"
nametune2 -> nametunea     "Name That Tune (Bally, 3/23/86)"
nbapbp -> nbapbpja         "NBA Play By Play (ver JAA)"
nstocker2 -> nstockera     "Night Stocker (8/27/86)"
snakepit2 -> snakepita     "Snake Pit (9/14/84)"
spiker3 -> spiker          "Spiker (6/9/86)"
trivia12 -> triviag1a      "Trivial Pursuit (Think Tank - Genus Edition) (12/14/84)"

*** changed both
alpinesa -> alpines        "Alpine Surfer (Rev. AF2 Ver.A, World)" -> "Alpine Surfer (World, AF2 Ver.A, set 1)"
netchu02 -> netchu02b      "Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002 (NPY1 Ver. A)" -> "Netchuu Pro Yakyuu 2002 (NPY1 Ver. B)"
scudhamm -> scudhamma      "Scud Hammer" -> "Scud Hammer (older version?)"
spiker -> spikera          "Spiker" -> "Spiker (5/5/86)"
spiker2 -> spikerb         "Spiker (5/5/86)" -> "Spiker (earliest?)"
terabrsta -> terabrstaa    "Teraburst (1998/02/25 ver AAA)" -> "Teraburst (1998/02/25 ver HAA)"
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