MAME 0.261 Game Changes

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MAME 0.261 Game Changes

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*** new games
40lovebl          "Forty-Love (bootleg)"
aracnisa          "Aracnis (bootleg of Scorpion on Moon Cresta hardware, set 2)"
astroft           "Astro Fighter (Taito)"
bombjackbl        "Bomb Jack (bootleg)"
chimeraba         "Chimera Beast (Japan, prototype, set 2)"
crazym            "Crazy Mazey"
fengyunh          "Fengyun Hui"
hachooa           "Hachoo! (set 2)"
knightba          "Knight Boy (Game Corporation bootleg)"
panic4            "Space Panic (set 4)"
pleiadsia         "Pleiads (Irecsa, set 2)"
poleposa1n        "Pole Position (Atari version 1 on Namco PCB)"
puckmana          "Puck Man (Alca bootleg)"
rallyxeg          "Rally X (Video Game bootleg)"
redbird           "Red Bird (bootleg of Space Firebird)"
scrabbleo         "Scrabble (Spanish bootleg of Scramble)"
seawolfa          "Sea Wolf (set 3)"
sftmk112          "Street Fighter: The Movie (v1.12K, Korea)"
shendeng          "Pili Shen Deng"
spidern           "Spider (Buena Vision, with nudity)"
stadhr96k         "Stadium Hero '96 (Korea, Dream Island license)"
timescanbl        "Time Scanner (bootleg)"
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